About Cityroam

Cityroam is the first and only (as of Apr. 2021) Passpoint-based Roaming Federation for Free/Public Wi-Fi in Japan. Cityroam aims to provide people with easy and secure Wi-Fi accesses by adopting Passpoint/NGH, connecting as many operators in the world as possible, and enabling Wi-Fi roaming. A common SSID ``cityroam'' is also available for legacy devices without Passpoint support.

If a user has got a SIM card from a telco providing roaming service with us, the phone can be automatically and securely connected to the access points of the Cityroam. The same is possible if a user has got a Wi-Fi access subscription by a partner ISP.

Cityroam is currently interconnected with some other roaming federations including eduroam and WBA OpenRoaming.