July - 15 Sept., 2021

cisco-pole1s Cityroam invites some telecom operators and ISPs in the world to provide secure Wi-Fi roaming temporarily for their users this summer. While we cannot expect so many travelers this year due to COVID-19, we’ve already seen a number of visitors using foreign SIM cards. We hope tourists as well as interested people enjoy secure Wi-Fi roaming.

Free Roaming for the following operators are available during the trial on some selected Cityroam hotspots across Japan. Although there are only a few hotspots in Tokyo, there will be some more by the end of July, and further more in Aug. Please see the map on the home page.

  • AT&T (SIM)
    Some devices such as iPhone/iPad with AT&T SIM card will automatically get on the secure Wi-Fi if you find a hotspot luckily.
    Alternatively, Android users may manually pick up SSID "cityroam" and choose "EAP-AKA". The device will automatically join the secure Wi-Fi afterwards.
  • Boingo Passpoint Secure
    Boingo customers can get on the secure Wi-Fi by installing a Boingo Passpoint profile. No roaming fee applies.
  • GlobalReach Connect (app)
    After you have installed the GlobalReach Connect app for Android or iOS/iPadOS, the device will automatically get on the secure Wi-Fi.
    (Only some limited hotspots accept anonymous access through this app.)
    Here's the Event Code: (no longer available)
  • Regular OpenRoaming profiles
    Of course, you can use a wide variety of regular OpenRoaming profiles created by apps or Online Sign-Up (OSU) systems. Some examples are:
  • Some more would be added...

Connected successfully?
Then, you have become one of the early users of OpenRoaming / Passpoint. :-) If you are on Twitter, please share your experience using hashtag #openroaming .

A part of the roaming infrastructure is provided by Single Digits.
This trial is also intended to help various operators test OpenRoaming / Passpoint and accelerate the adoption.